Unique feature:
1. Real painless and permanent hair removal,because the machine provide skin contact cooling, customer will feel very comfortable.
2. Super strong cooling circulatory system (water, wind and Semi-conductor) so that it can keep 12 hours nonstop working
3. The global unique 12*20mm big spot hair removal crystals, it can save the treatment time, increase the energy output and reduce the treatment cost
4. 70J/c㎡ output power and 400ms pulse width, which can make sure the best result of permanent hair removal and reduce the pain to the least.
5. A full range of self-test system, predict and detect possible failures and accidents occur.
6. The head can keep working for 4 million flashes, which prove that the high cost efficiency of our machine.
7. It is the strongest machine to remove all color hair through the fast, continuous working shots.
8. Use Germany newest cooling technology laser device, the output power can reach to 600W (it means that we have ten layers diode laser bar in the treatment handle, and every layer is 60 W, so the total is 600W).

Our diode laser is very easy and humanized. Even though you are a new operator, after you receive the machine, you can operate it very freely and easily!

When you do hair removal treatment, you only need to
1.Choose the gender and skin color;
2.Choose the treatment area (Technical parameter of different treatment area are setted well);
3.Start to your treatment