Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Skin Care Machine

Unique feature of the machine:

1. It equipped with the most advanced Korea imported 7 joint light transport guarding arm. It ensure the energy is quite even when laser output, it is very good to the treatment results.

2. Two different wavelength:1064nm heads and 532nm.

– 1064nm is used for dermal pigment removal,such as dark tattoo,nevus,eye line,birth mark,freckle and so on.

– 532nm is used for epidermal pigment removal like light color tattoo(red,yellow and orange).You can use them freely based on your treatment needs.

3. 1500W input power, 8ns±2ns pulse width, so with the big single pulse energy, ensures all kinds of treatment of pigmented lesions.

4. The single pulse energy can be up to 1,500mj to eliminate the deeply endogenous pigmentation thoroughly and easily.

5. Its cooling system is closed-off water circulation + air cooling, it has very good performance for long time working.

6. Advanced alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature,so it can protect people and machine against any risk at the first time.


The machine is professional pigment removal machine,the treatment effect is very good. It has very good effect on:

● Epidermal pigment removal: body tattoo, eye line and brow tattoo, Melasma /Cloasma treatment

● Dermal pigment removal: Nevus of Ota, birth mark,Coffee Spot, Age Spot and Freckle

● Vessels disease: Varicosity removal, capillary hemangioma

● Laser facial: Oil control, skin rejuvenation, skin pore improvement

● Hair Removal: remove hair from body, legs, arms, armpit, face,etc