Product Registration & Certification

  • Product Registration- Medical & industrial
  • Certification Consulting
  • HSA approval consulting
  • AVA approval consulting
  • Validation consulting
  • Calibration consulting
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Product Development

  • CAD-CAM-CAE design
  • Concept Design:
    • Sketch & 3D
  • Prototyping of Plastic & Metal Parts:
    • FDM, SLA, SLS, CNC, Casting & Molding
  • Plastic Part Design
  • Metal part Design
  • Sheet metal enclosure Design
  • Reverse Engineering of Product/Part
  • Value Engineering of Product/Part
  • Packaging Design- Medical & Industrial
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Our strengths

We are a group of highly experienced creative Engineers in Singapore catering to all needs of the present Engineering and Medical needs with proven accomplishments that is needed for the present industries in the field of Project Management, Supply Chain Management and Product Development.