Adhesives & Tapes

Industrial Adhesives & Tapes

Medical adhesives & Tapes



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Castor wheels- Medical & Industrial

  • Metal Caster Wheels
  • Rubber Castor Wheels
  • Plastic Castor Wheels
  • Castor Wheels for sensitive surfaces
  • Miniature Castor Wheels for precision
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Castor Wheels
  • Medical graded Castor Wheels
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Fastners- Indistrial & Medical

Fasteners for Medical, Industrial & Engineering purpose:

  • Plastic Fasteners (Screws, Nuts, Bolts & Studs)
  • Metal Fasteners (Screws, Nuts, Bolts & Studs)
  • Allen Screws
  • Wooden Fasteners - Screws nuts
  • Rivets - Aluminum, Bass & Steel Rivets
  • Molding inserts
  • CirClips
  • Washers
  • Cable Ties
  • PCB Mounts
  • Monobolts
  • Automotive Fasteners
  • Optical Fasteners
  • Appliance Fasteners
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Our strengths

We have partnered with various manufacturers and whole sale suppliers of Electrical and Electronic Connectors, Cables & Cable harness as well as Industrial and Engineering fasteners catering to all needs of the present Engineering and Medical needs with proven Quality, Cost factor and on time delivery.